Business Etiquette Training for Medical & Dental Professionals

Professional Courtesy Essentials

There is good evidence suggesting that a large number of malpractice cases are rooted in discourtesy and bad behavior on the part of the physician, hospital and/or office staff. Therefore, social skills training for physicians and staff can be invaluable. The Etiquette School of Maryland offers a variety of seminars that are tailored to specific clinical needs as well as general information on patient privacy issues, contemporary medical/dental office attire, telephone etiquette and more.

Because of the sophisticated technological advances used in medical/dental practice today, it may be necessary to rethink how to maintain personal contact with patients. The following presentations provide information for medical/dental staff that will establish a supportive and respectful medical/dental environment for patients.  Contact the Etiquette School of Maryland to schedule your Prescription Etiquette Essentials for Health Care Seminar.  Topics include: 

  • The Impact of Bad Manners in the Medical/Dental Arena
  • The Name on the Door
  • The First Impression, Your Public Rating
  • Establishing Your Corporate Culture
  • Training For Every Employee
  • The Basics of Business Etiquette
  • Taking Information in the Waiting Room
  • Meeting and Greeting Patients
  • Forms of Address
  • In and Out of the Patient Room Gracefully
  • Conversation Skills
  • Telephone Etiquette
  • Techno Etiquette (answer machine, fax machine, cell phone, email etc.)
  • Dealing with the Difficult Patient
  • Professional Dress
  • Essence of a Valuable Employee
  • Inter Office Dynamics

"What the Well Dressed Health Care Worker is Wearing" (or should be)

Is it time to review and change the way your medical or dental staff looks?  Consider some serious evaluation and implementation of specific dress guidelines to improve the perception of your staff and organization as professionals!
Are you a medical/dental practice who want to ramp up your professional image?  Are you a hospital or clinical facility who want to improve the appearance of your staff and employees?  If the answer is "Yes" contact the Etiquette School of Maryland to schedule this seminar. Topics include:   

  • The Do's and Don'ts of dress for any clinical staff in uniform
  • The Do's and Don'ts for administrative, management, supervisors and support
  • The Do's and Don'ts for the well-dressed physician; male and female
  • Ways to distinguish your practice and staff by what they wear
  • A dress code template for the employee manual